1.   The respective subjects classes, computer classes and English spoken classes shall be arrange for interested students in the Hostel itself ( for required number) on additional charges applicable.
2.   The Television facilities will be provided to the student for updating the information of world around through NEWS and other media entertainment sources.
3.   24 hour CCTV Surveillance of the surrounding back-side, side walls and Gate will be installed for security purposes of student.
4.   Timely entry and exit from the hostel and computer registering for exit on other purposes than academic purposes with parent consent will be assured (5.30 PM till 5.30 AM).
5.   The hostel administration will check once at 6.30 to 7.00pm every day to ensure the safety stay of student. The hostel gate will be close positively at 7.00 PM in winter and 7.30 PM in the summer after which the entry to hostel will be allowed with the guardian consent and also with consent from parents.

NB: MINI LIBRARY will be provided for the student’s benefits. For those student want to avail themselves with the library the minimum charge of rs/. 500 will be imposed. Every syllabus will have three book which shall be availed for 7 days and if they want to Xerox the content it will be facilitate on minimal price of rs/. 5 per page.

1.   The hostel will be equipped with the badminton chord for students benefit.
2.   The hostel will provide recreational aids such as Music System, Keyboard and Guitar on requisite occasion such as to compete and develop their talents.
3.   The Hostel Administration may organize a hostel picnic if it shall be unanimously accepted by students/guardians/parents (additional charges may levied).
4.   The laundry Service will be provided to student on students demand (charges additional).