1.    Violation of the enlisted rules and regulations will invite warning, parents’ call or even expulsion from the hostel.

2.    For First semester students, Hostel Admission can be taken only after the admission to the college has been completed.

3.    Challenging, threatening or any unruly behavior towards the Authority is a severe punishable crime. The hostel administration will check once at hours of the day before 10 pm to ensure the safety stay of student.

4.    Students must occupy the rooms allotted to them by the Wardens and should not change without prior permission from the Hostel Authorities. Everyone is responsible of one’s belongings. The hostel authorities are not responsible for any loss.

5.    Students are not supposed to go out without the prior consent of the warden. Going home frequently without valid reason will not be permitted. Bringing friends and visitors to the room and hostel campus is strictly prohibited. The immediate family members can visit the resident with the prior permission of the warden.

6.    Study hours will be strictly followed. The student Meeting and Loud chattering around will not be permitted. Abnormal activities of any nature causing disturbance to neighbors should not be carried out in the rooms. Students should not arrange any functions or meeting within the hostel or outside the campus, without   prior permission of the Warden.

7.    No one should stay back in the room absenting oneself from the college without the prior permission of the warden. Anyone wishing to leave the hostels for good should produce the written permission of his/ her parents or guardians. Absenting oneself or leaving the hostel without due permission is an offense punishable with expulsion.

8.    Consuming drugs, liquor and any types of intoxicants in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Each one should keep oneself clean, as also the hostel premises. Littering paper, waste food or other materials is to be avoided in order to preserve and maintain a hygienic environment in the hostel.

9.    Those who fail in the annual examination shall not be re-admitted into the hostel; there will be no exceptions. Any student who is rusticated from the college will automatically cease to be a member of the hostel. Every hosteller must oblige with the mess system of the hostel.  In no case, there will be alternatives.

10.  Hostellers hailing from distant areas are expected to have their local guardians who will be responsible for their short holidays and emergencies. No hostellers shall pose as a guardian to another boy/ girl in the hostellers.

11.  While every care will be taken for the health and safety of the students, the hostel or its inmates shall not be held responsible for acts of god, any loss or injury from an accidental or un-international nature suffered by the wards.

12.  In case of long absence, the student should be companied by his / her parents. Failure to meet this condition will result in the students being rusticated on the same day. And the student will not be responsible for any eventuality.

13.  Challenging or defiance or threatening of authority, disrespect or harm done to the staff, repeated disobedience of rules, immoral conduct, stealing, keeping and reading of indecent books are offences, the hostels considers deserving dismissal. All reading materials should have the signature of the counselor / warden. Keeping knife or weapons in the hostel is forbidden.

14.  The Hostel Gate will be closed exactly at 7.00pm till morning 6.00am. No mobile after 7.30 pm till 5.30 am. If URGENT parent should communicate with hostel warden/Administrator 7629868630/8132886544.

15.  On returning from holidays, the wards are expected to report to the one responsible for the hostel, before entering the hostel building.



1.      Parents are requested to follow the admission procedure strictly, without asking for concessions. All dues should be cleared before the final examinations. It is mandatory to reproduce Medical certificate at the time of admission. It is strongly advised that the guardians or parents be present during the time admission or removal from the hostel. Otherwise the student’s belongings may be withheld.

2.      Parents/ guardians / visitors advised not to see their ward during college hours without permission of college/Hostel authority. Parents may take their ward out of the hostel for serious reason on second Saturdays only. The time allotted for parents to visit their ward between 9.00am and 2.00pm on Sundays.

3.      When requested to appear in person, parents/guardians are expected to oblige. No excuses whatsoever will be entertained in this matter.

4.      When any students is seriously ill, parents/ guardians will be informed who will thence be responsible for their medical care. In no case the hostel authority is responsible as no such amount is collected for. 

5.      In case of any natural calamities and natural disasters and destruction all the wards and parents have to bear all the burden and responsibilities. For any loss the hostel administration shall not be blamed and in lieu of consequences the wards will not be entitled any refunds as it is clear in all sphere that once paid fee shall not be refundable in any case.

6.      In case of emergencies, natural calamities or acts of god the hostellers may be asked to leave, without prior information to the parents or guardians.

7.      If warnings produce no desired effect, parents or guardians will be asked to remove their wards from the hostel. Any students expelled from the college will also have to leave the hostel.

8.      On holidays exceeding 5-days all the hostel boarder are to spent at their home without fail or else shall be expenses borne by wards separately (not inclusive to hostel fees). Apart from college holiday, the Authority will not send home any student without being clarified by their parents or guardian even in any emergency cases.

9.      Any student absconding from the hostel for a day or night will incur inconveniencies upon oneself in form of vacating the hostel if inevitable. If parent insist for reconsideration he/she and her parent should give written assurance and consent to the hostel authority.

10.  The hostel authority or warden shall not take any responsibility for the consequences of the immoral behavior of the students.



1.    Once the session starts the fees paid will not be refundable including installment and security.

2.    Furniture and other materials of the hostel are for the benefit of all, and such should be used with care. Any damaged to hostel property must be done well by the individual concerned.

3.    The cost of any damage or loss of Home’s property shall be recovered from the concerned person.

4.    All fees are subject to change as and when decided by the hostel management and authorities if unavoidably if necessary.

5.    Any reservation or advance deposited for occupying a seat /seats is not refundable at any cost though the college or academic session starts of not started. Therefore new session will be followed by new admission fee in no case there shall be follow-up fee entitled.


(Imp. Ruling Article) NB:

a.      There must be a Local guardian for immediate response in any form of emergency if no guardian available the parents have to pay Rs. 10000/- (Ten thousand only) as security out of which 50% shall be refundable. If any expenditure exceeds 10000 will be paid by parents.

b.      The second installment shall be deposited before leaving for vacation or else the seat occupied shall be transferable to other and membership shall be temporary.

c.       If Any/all the fees paid/deposited are not refundable in any circumstances. The security is only refundable provided the student has completed mentioned course (Three Years)while staying in the same hostel.